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Amazing location

5 min walk to the beach | 20 Km to Heraklion airport

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Local attractions

Creta Aquarium | Water City | Scotino Cave | Crete Golf

Goúves is often confused with its busy summer resort, Káto Goúves. Besides this well-developed tourist resort with long sandy beaches, the area has some traditional villages and archaeological sites and Eileithyia caves. West of Goúves are the tourist resorts of Kokkíni Háni (also spelled Háni Kokkíni) and Amnísos, both with similar attractions, and, to the east, Crete’s largest resort, Hersonisos.

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Private Yoga sessions

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Local Cooking Classes

Gastronomy is the best way to get to know a place in-depth, and that if you do not eat, if you do not drink and if you do not dance and sing you will not feel the real taste of Greece

Do you like the location?

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